Service Department

When arriving for service, you’ll be pulling into the Boston Volvo service area. The Charles River Saab & Boston Volvo Service Departments operate as partners.

Yes, we still service Saab’s!  As all of the other Saab dealers fall by the wayside, we are still here and plan to be here for many years to come.  For 50+ years, loyal Saab owners have known that there is no better place in New England to care for your Saab.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 7am – 6pm
Saturday: 8am – 3pm
Sunday: Closed

Department Staff:

Peter Maitland | Service Advisor/Shop Foreman/Technician
Avowed expert on all things Saab.  Worked for Saab USA for many years.  Driver of many Saabs, and proud owner of the fabulously unique Saab-O.

Peter Vincent, Jr. | Service Advisor
Peter (yes, he is the son of our esteemed Parts Manager) has worked for Charles River Saab for 9 years, the last 4 for the Service and Parts Departments.

Rick Furlan | Technician
Until his father – Rick Furlan Sr. – retired from the shop floor after 33 years, Rick was always known as Junior. With his dad enjoying retirement, and Rick now a father himself, “Junior” goes by the wayside. Rick has 21 years of Saab experience, 10 with Charles River Saab, and having recently sold his Classic convertible, Rick enjoys a pair of 9-5’s.

Rodney Sautier | Technician
Rodney has 12 years of Saab experience, with 11 of those years logged at Charles River Saab. Rodney is the proud owner of a 1999 9-3, 2000 9-3 and a 1988 900 Convertible.