Parts Department

Buy with confidence from America’s largest and oldest Saab organization! Our knowledge and expertise is unparalleled, and Charles River Saab and The Village Automotive Group have a commitment to Saab for many years to come. Get in touch with us in any of these ways:

Visit Charles River Saab

You’ll find us located within the Boston Volvo campus, in the back of 61 N Beacon Street (the old New Balance headquarters).  If you drive toward the Boston Volvo Service Department entrance, we are located on the right.

Mondays through Fridays we are open 7am-6pm.
Saturdays we are open 7am-3pm.

Call Us!

We have a knowledge of Saab’s that is unmatched. If we don’t have the answer, there isn’t one!

Phone: 617.923.0014
E-Mail: Click Here!

Order Online

Our online Parts Store is slowly ramping up, so check back often for new items.